Yoga Practice


Individual Yoga classes taylored to your needs with ocean view while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean taught by Devaki – registered with YA as E 500 + – experienced Yoga Teacher

We offer a daily yoga class lasting 90 minutes during your vacation. The yoga class is composed of breathing exercises (Pranayama), postures (Asanas) and a deep relaxation. Because the classes are  small we can focus on your individual needs! If you have never practiced yoga  this is a great oppourtunity for you. The yoga classes take place from  7:o0 am – 8:30 am – (suggested time – is subject to change according to your needs) on some days however they may be  cancelled if we  go on a day trip or to another yoga center. Our daily yoga routine  will help you to experience quickly and easily the healing  benefits of yoga – to name only a few:

  • greater flexibility – physically and mentally
  • improved muscle tone
  • general increase of well-being
  • more prana – life force
  • hightened concentration

The yoga classes are taught by Devaki. Devaki has more than 12 years of experience teaching all levels from beginners to advanced students with much love, compassion and know how. It is very important for Devaki that you experience the true depth of Hatha Yoga which is not only a physical exercise but also  a spiritual pratice. A good balanced yoga class, designed to your needs, brings body, mind and soul into harmony and helps you  to experience  your true nature  “SAT CHID ANANDA”  = ” EXISTENCE KNOWLEDGE and BLISS ABSOLUTE” –  the feeling of absolute inner peace and happiness.

Your teacher:

Devaki  got her training  in the year 2000 in Florida from  her Hatha Yoga Guru Shri  Yogi Hariji, a great  yoga master and her spiritual guru  Shrimati Leela Mataji, a great Yoga and Ayurveda Master. Since her Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training she has continuesly trained herself on all levels. She practiced the yoga of sythesis of Swami Sivananda  with  devotion during her many years of Ashram experience:  at Yogi Hari’s Ashram 6 months (, at  Leela Mataji’s Ashram more than 2,5 years ( and at Yoga Vidya Westerwald ( When she doesn’t live at Leela Mata’s Ashram in Pennsylvania or in Puerto Rico (since 2010) she lives at Yoga Vidya Speyer, Germany,  as a staff member; where she teaches in the 2-year Yoga Teacher Training Course and is loved loved for her creative back yoga classes and meditative yoga classes with affirmations or mantra chanting. Once a year she directs the 4 weeks intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bad Meinberg, Germany (Europe’s biggest seminar house for yoga :