Happy Holistic Weightloss Programs ONLINE



Join me for a life changing experience!

NOW is the TIME
Become lighter, self-empowered and
enhance your quality of life!

Contact Devaki @ (787) 464 5651 with any questions you may have!

What to expect from this program:

* lose weight naturally without counting calories
* explore your relationship to food
* receive general guidelines for developing long-lasting healthy eating habits
* receive an e-recipe book and learn new delicious recipes
according to Ayurvedic principles
* enjoy online cooking workshops and virtual potlucks
* surprise your taste buds and your GI tract
* receive new insights into the energy of food
* short yoga sequences for everyBODY and breathing techniques which support you in your journey
* relaxation techniques to transform your subconscious mind
* receive private coaching
* develop self-confidence and self-esteem
* enjoy long-lasting benefits for your health and well-being

😊 Bonus in the group setting: You receive a personal coaching of 45 min per phone.

Let’s lose weight to gain lasting vitality, joy and self-esteem!

Please note that this program is not intended to treat or diagnose any diseases!
Always contact your health care provider if you have any health issues which needs clarification. The information in this program is for educational and informational purposes!

Das Programm ist jetzt auch in deutsch buchbar!
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