Therapeutic Massages

My journey towards therapeutic massage started in Germany, Bad Honnef, where I received ayurvedic oil massages every day during an ayurvedic detox cure.

It felt so invigorating and at the same time relaxing, that I wanted to learn more about this massage modality.

In 2005  I received my first training in ayurvedic oil massage at Yoga-Vidya Westerwald ( It was during my 2-year time as staff at Yoga Vidya Westerwald that I  got introduced for the first time to Thai Yoga Massage by Paul Cramer, who was a senior teacher of the famous Lotus Palm School, Canada, ( at that time , who visited Yoga Vidya Westerwald (

I received my training from Paul in Thai Yoga Massage I & II, and had the blessing to assist him in several workshops.

I  graduated from this program in 2007. Since that time I regularly offered Ayurveda Massages and Thai Yoga Massages in the retreat centers as well as at the Yoga Vidya Center in Speyer (2009-20014) From 2009 – 2015 I have been offering „Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage“ at Leela Mata’s Peaceful Valley Ashram, with lots of enthusiasm and metta (= mindful compassion) for this massage technique to lay people.

In April 2012 I  deepened my skills by travelling to the famous Old Medical Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (

When I moved to the US in 2014 I realized my need to become certified in Therapeutic Massage.

So I  enrolled in 2016 at the Ivy Tech Therapeutic Massage Program. Our curriculum embraced classes in Anatomy & Physiology (APHY 101 & 102), Holistic Approach to Wellness, Therapeutic Massge Training I & II, Massage Through the Lifespan, Deep Tissue Techniques, and Pathology.

I graduated from this program in the summer  of 2017 and received my license # MT 21706230  in the State of Indiana .

I am  looking forward to serve you with a variety of massage modalities

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Ayurvedic Oil Massages

Thai Yoga Massages

Special Massages