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01_LEELA06YOGA_CLASS_SAT_3 SatSANG_SAT_EVE19  02_Leela_Mataji_Sats_FRI 03nice_angle_light 05YOGA_CLASS_SAT_2 DEV_CORR_SPINAL_TWIST  09Altar_with_fruits  14_BLESSINGFOOD 12EATING_BRUNCH 17Happy_moments_1 18_1_HM_3 16group_SAT 22LEEL&DEV&GANESH 21Leela_SATSANG_SAT10Dev_w_HarmoniumERIKA&FAM_MEDERIKA&FAMILYHappy_FAMILYLeela_SATSANG_SAT THANK YOU for joining the retreat with Leela Mataji! We hope to see you soon again! The next event will be NOCHE de KIRTAN  Chanting into Bliss on Friday 15th of May 2015   @ 6 pm! This is the first Kirtan in the Bamboo Yoga Shala … hope you can come! Satsang_HALL_EMPTY_DAYT NAMASTÉ Devaki & Amos