Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage encourages recipients to reach their edge of flexibility, but does not exceed the recipient’s comfort level.

The combination of movements, stretches and acupressure along energy lines called sen lines provides a relaxing, yet invigorating session of energy work and tissue rejuvenation.

The effect of stretching is similar to yoga.

Thai Yoga Massage is normally performed on a soft floor mat rather than a raised massage table.

The client remains fully clothed except for the feet.

Clothing should be light, comfortable and allow for flexible movement and deep stretching.

ThaiYogaMassage2 00660 min – $ 70

90 min – $ 100

Ask for specials! (787) 464 5651

Heavenly Feet! ProfilneuTFMvorne Enjoy a relaxing Thai Foot Massage!

Price includes a relaxing foot bath with a homemade scrub to exfoliate old skin, and to improve blood circulation of your feet!

It refreshes and relaxes your feet, which carry you through your entire life!

$ 50 / 40 min