CEUs for Yoga Teachers


YACEP = Yoga Alliance Contiuned Education Provider

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  • Mantras, mystical chants and sound vibrations for transformation – to enrich your yoga teaching skills
    an immersion into Bhakti Yoga
  • Mind your mind: Concentration and Meditation
    The foundation, systematic steps and different techniques to detox, calm and transform your mind – an immersion into
    Raja Yoga the path of yoga psychology 
  • Ayurveda & Yoga: the Art of Living in Balance and Harmony with your own nature: an immersion into the basics of Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers and everBody
  • Do you belief in Karma?
    How the belief in Karma and Reincarnation will change your understanding of the past,  present and will affect the future
  • Thai Yoga Massage – the ancient holy body work technique rooted in mindfulness and metta, loving kindness
    We are using specific body stances and massage techniques to stretch muscles, expand joint range of motion and deeply relax the mind
  • The hidden secrets of Hatha Yoga
    Every yoga posture has different levels to benefit the  practitioner. You will learn techniques how to tap into the subconscious mind to transform and empower 
  • These Continued Education workshops are open to anyone who is interested in a holistic approach of yoga, meditation and ayurveda


Inquiries are welcome at (787) 464 5651