Ecstatic Dance

Exstatic Dancing with Alex Pederson

Saturday April 27th  from 10:00 am  – 12:15 noon more dates TBA shortly!

Peacefuloceanview at the Bambú Studio Rincón,
carr. 429, KM 3.5 – No Parking on top!
Please park at the bottom of 429 and walk up the hill!
If you need support, we can organize a shuttle up the hill!

Facilitator: Devaki Lammet (787) 464.5651
Here is the link how to get to Peacefuloceanview in google maps:
How to find us

10:00 – Opening Circle to set expectations and intentions
10:15 –  Begin Music. A set will be 90-120 minutes.
11:45 – Closing Circle with community announcements

What is Ecstatic Dance?
Ecstatic Dance is a form of solo expression where you move your body as you’re inspired.

There is no talking on the dance floor and bare-feet are encouraged. In this judgment-free space participants get groovy, jump, run, do acrobatics, roll on the floor, cry, chant, bellow, twerk. It is a healing practice available to all ages and abilities. Think of it as movement medicine.

We use amplified music and a curated playlist to map an energetic journey. The music starts slow and gentle and the energy builds over time, and ends calmly to reground attendees. If the community grows (as it should) we will bring in live DJs.

Ecstatic Dance is also a great community container.

Attendees are able to network in a regular, reliable, alcohol-free daytime environment. Community concerns can be aired and events and gatherings can be promoted.

Who can participate: open to all! Family-friendly. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone disruptive.

Why Ecstatic Dancing with Alex?

Alex has a gift to get people out of their heads and into their bodies. She has been dancing all her life.
She performed competitively and participated in local and national events. She is great at holding space for others.
In college she helped facilitate adventure outings and studied group dynamics.
Further she is an excellent massage therapist on two coasts. Putting all this together professionally, it’s been common for her clients to have somatic experiences on the table or the dance floor – when a physical movement taps into a stored emotion.
She facilitates resolution of  blockages.

Cost: $10 per person, children free.