ज्योतिष Astrology Reading

ज्योतिष jyotiṣa – comes from the word jyoti which means light and relates to vedic Astrology.I am a happy graduate student of Freedom Cole’s Science of Light Course I, which is rooted in traditional Vedic Astrology in the lineage of Achyutanandadas from Odisha ( www.srifreedom.org).

This course gave me an amazing introduction into the vast ocean of vedic Astrology.

I learned tremendously and I know it is just the beginning ….
Now I can’t wait to practice, what I have learned during this one year with an intensity and devotion, which I havn’t experienced except for the holistic teachings of yoga and ayurveda.

I am happy to look into your birth chart and give support if you have questions regarding your

  • relationship with yourself, a significant other, your parents, children, your boss
  • career and skills
  • outlook into 2024

the four pillars of life in the vedic sciences:

  • dharma – purpose in life
  • artha – material sustenance, regarding livelihood
  • kama – fulfilling our sensual desires, embracing love, sex, affection, and sensory pleasures in general
  • moksha – self-realization – spiritual growth – spiritual journey

By Donation prior to reading: 
Please text me (787) 464.5651 or email me, if you are interested to schedule an appointment with your name, birth day, month & year, & birth time plus location and the area of life you wish to address.

Disclaimer: All my service is to support you to the best of my knowledge. In no way is this service a substitute for mental health therapy or a treatment or diagnosis of a duly licensed health care practitioner.

Soon you will find an intake form which I would like you to download and email me back.