Meditation Circle

Quiet your inner “chatter box” Regular meditation calms down the “monkey mind” – i.e. the restlessness of the mind, decreases the number of distracting thoughts and helps you experience more inner peace and happiness in your life. I want to invite you to an exciting journey – to study your mind – the most powerful tool God has given us as a human being. We meditate regularly at 6:00 am! YOU  are welcome to join us! Just give us a call so we are sure we are at home to welcome you! We can find as well another time if you are interested in meditating on a regular basis in the evening! Send an email  to – or text to 787 464 5651 to set a regular time  for a systematic approach! “Mind your mind” become master of your mind and your life! WEB_MEDITATION_BENEFITS_ENGLISH“       Calma tu mente! La meditación regular ayuda a calmar tu mente y  a  concentrarte. De este manera sueltas preocupaciones y experimentas más alegría y paz interior. Quiero invitarte una aventura para conocer màs tu herramienta la más poderosa que Díos a dado los eres humanos! Venga y medita con nosotros à la madrugada a las 6 – 6:30 por la manana! Hágamos saber lo que estamos en casa! Si quieres meditar a una otra hora por la tarde regularmente contacta nos también: o llama à 787 464 5651! Te espera! Namasté Devaki!WEB_MEDITATION_BENEFITS_ENGLISH“